JKSSB Syllabus for Various posts under Advertisement No. 04, 05, 06 and 07 of 2020

Syllabus for Supervisor Posts
Syllabus for Binder Posts
Syllabus for Room Bear Posts
Syllabus for Table Boy
Syllabus for Waiter
Syllabus for Work Shop Attendant
Syllabus for Chowkidar Orderly
Syllabus for Telephone Operator

JKSSB Exam Pattern 2021 for Various posts

Total Marks – 100

Time – 02 Hrs

General English

15 Marks

General Awareness

15 Marks

Basis Mathematics

20 Marks

General Science

20 Marks

Social Studies

20 Marks

Reasoning & Mental Ability

10 Marks

JKSSB Detailed Syllabus for Written Examination

1. General English – 15 Marks

(i) Articles

(ii) Tenses

(iii) Modals

(iv) Clauses

(v) Determiners

(vi) Preposition

(vii) Idioms and Phrases.

(viii) Synonyms / Antonyms

(ix) Spellings

(x) Sentences

(xi) Phrases

(xii) Homonyms/ Homophones

2. General Awareness – 15 Marks

(i) Current events of National importance

(ii) Honours and Awards

(iii) The World of Sports

(iv) Geographical Discoveries

(v) Principal Languages of India

(vi) Capitals and Currencies of Countries

(i) History, Geography, Culture and Economy of UT of Jammu and Kashmir

(ii) Flora and Fauna of J&K

(iii) Rivers and Lakes.

(iv) Important Tourist Destinations of UT of Jammu and Kashmir

3. Basic Mathematics – 20 Marks

(i) Percentage

(ii) Average

(iii) Time, Work and Distance Page 16 of 83

(iv) Ratio and Proportions

(v) Problem of Age

(vi) Probability

(vii) LCM, HCF

(viii) Mensuration

(ix) Trigonometry

(x) Polynomials and Quadratic equation

4. Science – 20 Marks

(i) Sources of energy; Conventional & Non-Conventional

(ii) Reflection & refraction of light, Mirror formula.

(iii) Refractive index, Lens formula, image formation, sign conventions.

(iv) Defects of vision & their correctness.

(v) Electric current; Electric potential and Potential difference

(vi) Ohms Law, Heating effects of Current

(vii) Environmental pollution

(viii) Nutrition, Respiration, Excretion etc

(ix) Communicable & Non-Communicable Diseases.

(x) Ecosystem – Its components, Food chains and Food webs.

(xi) Ozone layer, its depletion, Green House Effect.

(xii) Chemical Equation, types of chemical reactions.

(xiii) Oxidation & reduction reactions

(xiv) Bonding in Carbon, Allotropes of Carbon

(xv) Physical & Chemical properties of metals and non-metals.

5. Social Studies -20 Marks

(i) Partition of Bengal.

(ii) Boycott and Swadeshi Movement.

(iii) Muslim League/ Khilafat Movement/Non-Cooperation Movement

(iv) Quit India Movement.

(v) Independence and Partition of India.

(vi) Change of Seasons/ Planets/ Solar System

(vii) Longitude – Latitude.

(viii) Types of Forests

(ix) Classification of Soils

(x) Types of farming

(xi) Major Crops

(xii) Resources- Types, Conservation etc.

(xiii) Federalism

(xiv) Democracy – Direct & Indirect.

(xv) Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties.

(xvi) Representation, Franchise, Secret Ballot.

(xvii) Political Parties- National, State, Regional etc.

(xviii) Economy-Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sectors

6. Reasoning & Mental Ability – 10 Marks

(i) Analogies

(ii) Relationship concepts

(iii) Figure odd one out

(iv) Direct Sense

(v) Figure Series completion

(vi) Venn Diagram

(vii) Number series

(viii) Coding/Decoding

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